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Tropical Shipping’s preferred method of payment from our customers for our logistics, shipping and/or affiliated services, etc. is by ACH/EFT, wire, company check or cash.  However, we do occasionally accept debit and/or credit card payments.

Effective October 28, 2019, Tropical Shipping will implement a non-refundable convenience fee for all credit/debit card payment transactions. The amount of this fee will be $5.00 (non-refundable) per payment transaction.

This Convenience Fee has been suspended until June 1, 2021

Please note, this change is for credit/debit card payments only. You will still have the opportunity to pay utilizing one of Tropical Shipping’s other preferred payment methods without any additional fee.  


To make a payment online, you will need to have your account number. It can be found on your invoice, statement, or can be obtained by contacting our Customer Care Team at (561) 881-3999. 

After your payment has been processed, please be sure to contact the Customer Care Team with your confirmation transaction number.

To set up a profile for future use, click "Setup Your Online Payment Account" and enroll on the first screen.

MasterCard, Visa or EFT accepted.

Make a Payment