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Refrigerated Cargo

500 New Refrigerated Containers

Earlier this year Tropical Shipping expanded our equipment fleet with 500 new reefer containers, 100 - 20 foot, and 400 - 40 foot. 

Refrigerated cargo requires special handling to guarantee that it arrives at its destination in optimum condition. We offer shipping services for both Full Container Load (FCL) and, for select destinations, Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo. Tropical Shipping uses computerized refrigeration equipment with efficient cargo movement systems to control the condition of chilled and frozen products. We have teams of dependable and highly trained shore-side and shipboard refrigeration technicians who monitor your cargo during transit. An added value to our Refrigerated Services, we also coordinate agricultural shipments.

Clean and Monitored Equipment

Tropical Shipping takes great pride in the care and maintenance of our refrigeration equipment and containers. Our customer service representatives and transportation consultants are available to recommend the right equipment and to disclose packing techniques that achieve proper air circulation within the container. Our refrigeration technicians monitor and track your shipment during the entire move. They also conduct pre-trip tests prior to a container being provided. This preliminary evaluation confirms that a container is in top condition before it is packed.

Expert Care and Assistance

  • All units are pressure-cleaned inside, fueled and inspected prior to release.
  • All units are regulated at constant and controlled temperatures by a network of certified technicians on Land and at Sea.
  • Tropical Shipping coordinates all necessary import and agricultural inspections

 LCL Refrigeration Services are Currently Available to these Destinations Only:

  • Nassau – Weekly frozen and chilled LCL
  • Marsh Harbour – Weekly frozen and chilled LCL
  • Barbados – Weekly frozen LCL. Alternating weeks chilled
  • Cayman - Weekly frozen and chilled LCL
  • Cayman Brac - Weekly frozen and chilled LCL
  • Grand Turk - Alternating weeks frozen and chilled LCL
  • Providenciales - Weekly frozen and chilled LCL

Picking Up Loaded Refrigerated Containers

Loaded containers cannot be accepted without signed documentation from the loading facility that contain the mandatory list of information below:

  • Ensure customer has finished loading container and container is sealed on right door on innermost locking bar.
  • Obtain shippers inland paperwork containing the following mandatory information: Required temperature setting, Tropical booking number, container number, security seal number(s)

Important - Temperature setting(s) on unit must match shipper's paperwork or container cannot be accepted. Due to liability reasons, driver cannot set temperature on unit for loading facility.

If container arrives at Tropical Port of loading with a discrepancy between the set point and the customer’s paperwork, the container will get held up until correct temp is verified with the Shipper which may prevent the unit from sailing on booked departure vessel.  

  • LCL chilled cargo sails at 36 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • LCL frozen cargo sails at 0 degrees Fahrenheit