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Tropical Shipping continually looks for ways to minimize our customers’ shipping costs and maximize the efficiency of their supply chain. One way we are able to accomplish that goal and pass on those benefits to our customers is through our Consolidation Services. This customized service allows our customers to have their shipments delivered to one of our south Florida warehouses, and then consolidated for shipment per their instructions.

Custom Loading Service

The size of the consolidated shipment does not matter. All cargo will be handled with the same efficiency and expertise that is characteristic of Tropical Shipping. Whether a shipment is a one time consolidation or repeated many times during the year, Tropical Shipping’s experienced cargo handling personnel will consolidate cargo according to the customer’s instructions to give them complete control over the flow of their cargo.

Consolidation Services Benefits:

  • Customers maintain control over their cargo requirements by deciding what shipments will be consolidated and when they will sail
  • FCL and LCL consolidation shipments can move directly from our consolidation warehouse to any of our destination ports
  • State-of-the-art security systems
  • Customer service representatives and transportation consultants are knowledgeable in all phases of documentation and exportation, as well as all inland transportation options
  • Consolidation saves individual documentation charges by combining several shipments on one Bill of Lading


To take advantage of our Consolidation Services, customers must request the service in writing or via email prior to the arrival of their cargo at one of our warehouses. Once the request is received, Tropical Shipping customer service representatives will create a profile that details all their shipping requirements.

To make shipping easier for our consolidation customers, Tropical offers an exciting trio of consolidation services:

Our Custom Consolidation service is perfect for larger customers who are consolidating high volumes of cargo with us regularly and require special services.

Our Standard Consolidation service is ideal for customers who sail with us on a predetermined schedule for which regular consolidation is standard.

And our One Time Consolidation service is tailor-made for the 'project' customer who may ship with us just a few times each year to complete a job such as home or business renovation.

This personalized service allows our customers to have their shipments delivered to and combined at one of our South Florida warehouses, by simply providing Tropical with detailed instructions prior to the cargo arriving.