Move Up

Tropical Shipping Announces an Adjustment to the Sailing of the Tropic Lissette Voyage 0018 from Halifax on April 27, 2020

During these times of uncertainty as the world copes with COVID – 19, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.

Our Canadian friends and family have embraced social distancing, working from home and self-isolation along with many other Countries.

As a result, we have seen a temporary decline in the movement of goods for export. This has led Tropical Shipping to adjust its schedule and omit the sailing of the Tropic Lissette Voyage 0018 from Halifax, NS on April 27, 2020. 

Tropical Shipping remains committed to our customers and the Islands we serve.

Tropical Shipping values its close relationships we have built with our customers throughout our more than 50-year history. Thank you for choosing us as your carrier of choice to The Bahamas and the Caribbean. For further information, please feel free to contact your sales representative for further clarity.


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