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Tropical Shipping Announces New Refrigeration Training Videos

Tropical Shipping’s Refrigeration team is striving to improve both our current and future work processes. We have created short educational videos to provide knowledge of how to operate and best utilize our refrigerated containers. We have posted several videos on our Tropical YouTube account, the videos are short, simple and cover many different refrigerated related topics.

These videos will serve to educate anyone who works with our refrigerated container fleet. They can be used to train new members of your team that needs to know how reefers function and will help us internally to answer any questions for our customers.

The topics covered range from setting a temperature on a refrigerated container to knowing what specific functions/features are available and how that function works.

Already posted videos include:

“How long will a reefer run on a gen-set chassis”

“How to set the temperature on a unit”

“How to change the temperature scale” Celsius and Fahrenheit

“How to properly plug in a reefer unit”

“How to properly unplug a reefer unit”

And many more to come……

These videos can also be viewed right from a smart phone in the field. Simply download any QR code scanner and scan the QR code on the Tropical “Need Help?” decal on the front of our reefer units (shown below).

 QR Reefer

We certainly hope you will take advantage of this new feature and would like to thank you for choosing Tropical Shipping as your ocean freight carrier.

Tropical Shipping values its close relationships we have built with our customers throughout our more than 50-year history. Thank you for choosing us as your carrier of choice to The Bahamas and the Caribbean.  For further information, please contact your local Sales Representative or the U.S. Customer Service Team at 800-638-TROP (8767) or 561-881-3999 or the Canadian Customer Service Team at (506) 644-6300 or toll free from Canada at (866) 767-6576.

Complete contact listings, including telephone and fax numbers and email address information can be found 24/7/365 on our website on the Bookings and Customer Service page – found in the Contact area of our website.