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Tropical Shipping Policy Update for Acceptance of Fireworks, Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives

Effective immediately, fireworks, firearms, ammunition, and explosives must be booked prior to delivery at any Tropical Shipping facility.

  • This type of cargo will only be accepted at the Miami or Riviera Beach, Florida, LCL Facilities.
  • All required documentation must be received prior to delivery.
  • All Full Load containers must be Shipper loaded.
  • Prior to shipping, approval for delivery must be received from the customer and authorities at the destination.

Tropical Shipping values the close relationships we have built with our customers throughout our more than 50-year history. Thank you for choosing us as your carrier of choice to The Bahamas and the Caribbean. For further information, please contact your local sales representative or the U.S. Customer Service Team at 800-638-TROP (8767) or 561-881-3999.

Complete contact listings, including telephone and fax numbers and email address information can be found 24/7/365 on our website on the Bookings and Customer Service page – found in the Contact area of our website