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How to Create or Copy a Booking? users can create a new booking or copy a previous booking into a new one.

1. Select Create Booking from the Online Tools menu.
2. Enter User Name and Password when prompted.
3. Follow instructions from the Search for Vessel Schedules section to initiate a Booking.
4. Next to the Expected Sail Date that best meets your requirements:
a. Click the Create New Booking link to create a new booking
b. Click the Copy Previous Booking link to copy a previous booking
Choosing the Copy Previous Booking link will display your 20 most recent voyages with Tropical. Clicking the red Job number of any voyage will auto-populate the booking request screen with the previous voyage information. All information displayed can be tailored to your new voyage requirements.
5. Whether creating a new booking or copying a previous one, make sure that all of the required fields have been completed
6. Click the Create Booking link located at the bottom of the page.
7. Once the Booking has been requested, the system will display a Job Number for your records and tracking.